MISSING! Search and rescue mission launched for missing masc...

Clickbait | Colin Bouchard | February 16, 2016 SATIRE

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Syracuse NY- Authorities launched a full-scale search and rescue mission late Monday night in search of Otto the Orange, Syracuse University’s famous mascot after friends and family reported he had not returned home.

Otto, the 35-year-old mascot, told friends he was going to “get fucked up” after all three of his valentine’s day sweethearts rejected him. Sources close to Otto claimed he had sent the following snapchat to Mrs. Wuf of N.C. State, Wilma of the University of Arizona and Sue. E of the University of Arkansas.


The beloved mascot was last seen around 1 AM on Monday morning leaving DJ’s on the Hill. One student, who chose to stay anonymous, watched the Orange leave DJ’s.

“He was a mess. He was yelling something about being alone forever or something like that. It’s kind of sad actually. He’s such a loveable guy and I think he deserves somebody.”

Authorities are also looking for the mascot after the words “Georgetown Sucks” were found written in graffiti throughout Bird library.

If you have any information regarding Otto the Orange, please come forward and contact the Syracuse Police Department of your Local DPS.

Also, next time you see Otto, don’t leave him hanging over that high-five. It could be the highlight of his day.