Which Candidate Does The Rival Endorse?

You'd really never guess.

Clickbait | Caroline Cianci | February 24, 2016 SATIRE

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Recently, The Rival at Syracuse University has been discussing which candidate we should fully and publicly endorse. We have finally come to a decision after many long, tumultuous nights of going over the pros and cons of each person running for office. We have decided not to stand by Trump, Kasich, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Carson, Rubio, or Bush. Oh wait.

The Rival fully endorses none other than THE Roque De La Fuente of California: Real estate developer by day, Democratic candidate by night.

Roque De La Fuente

Our boy, nicknamed Rocky, entered the race back in October of 2015. His timid yet vivacious viewpoints on what should change in America have not gotten a lot of media coverage. However, The Rival has been paying major attention to his motivational and groundbreaking ideas. One of our favorite statements of his is, “America is a good country that we can change if we put some work into it.” This quote truly shows his intelligence and determination which really brings a collective tear to our eye.

You may ask, does Rocky even have a chance to win? The answer is: YES! He received a whopping 95 votes in the New Hampshire primary. That was only a mere 151,489 votes behind the winner, Senator Bernie Sanders. Wake UP America, we are currently in the generation of change and social reform. If we want Rocky De La Fuente, the unsung hero of the stage, to win – then we can DO it!

The Rival was able to get a quote from Rocky trying to garner votes, “Please vote for me, I lost a bet 10 years ago which is why I’m here. If I don’t win the Democratic primary then things will get even worse. Help.” We LOVE his enthusiasm for the race! You just can’t find that in a candidate anymore.

If you like what you have read, feel free to sign our petition to elect Rocky to the most powerful position in the free world.