The Fate We Determine But Will Never See

The time to change is now

Ramble on... | Prince Dudley | March 3, 2016

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We the people of the modernized world have become accustomed to our lives of excess. We drive to places we could easily walk to; we replace instead of reusing. We are wasteful. We see this, we know this, yet we do not stop. It is easy for us to cast blame upon conveniently devout politicians who we see as the only ones who can make change. But when it comes to turning the mirror upon ourselves we cast no reflection. We abstain all blame. We are the many, and we blame the corrupt few. Proletariat versus bourgeoisie, but in this struggle we are all the same. Afraid of moving forward with less.

We have to realize the future is something that is for those yet to be; and what we, that are living now, are supposed to do is ensure there is something left for them to experience once they come into existence. Why else do we exist; to satisfy our hunger? I am no connoisseur of the ins and outs of climate change, nor a philosopher who can provide moral insight. I am simply someone who is aware that our hunger has produced an appetite that is rapidly consuming our world, and the damages that we have mounted threaten the perpetuation of all existence. We burn our fuels and emit our noxious gases and because the flames of consequence have yet to ignite we continue to do so.

How will we persist? I will say it; I have no fear of the future because it is not for me. I became a relic upon my birth, and that is fine. I fear for the future, because with the way we are going now there will be no one and nothing left to experience it. All great things that have been done will not matter, all will be lost; we will be lost. All signs of imminent doom are present and we are at a point where we must choose to change in order to ensure some sort of a future or continue as we are and leave the future generations to face the consequences. We must choose between what is easy or what is right.