Spending Spring Break At Home Isn’t Actually That Awful

Ramble on... | Victoria Batista | March 10, 2016

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It’s that wonderful time once again. All your friends haven’t shut up about their plans since they made them three months ago and it’s finally here! But while everyone else is stocking up on sunscreen, unfortunately beaches and sun tanning are not in your future. You’re going home, and staying there for all of spring break this year. For whatever reason you’re stuck in your hometown and your plans include sitting in your childhood bedroom and scrolling through Instagram, spite-liking the photos all your friends will be posting.

But fear not! This may not be as bad as it appears. There are upsides to staying home over spring break believe it or not, and we’ve compiled a few reasons why people who stay home this spring break are the real winners.


You’re saving sh!tloads of money!

Traveling is not cheap. Especially when you’re going to a popular spring break destination like Florida or Cancun. According to spendmatters.com, college students alone spend over $1 billion a year on spring break costs, and airlines take advantage of this. In May, a roundtrip ticket from New York City to Key West can cost $400 or $500. Want that ticket in March for spring break? Be prepared to pay upwards of $700. Airlines are not above jacking up the prices of airline tickets to Spring Break destinations to make desperate college students like your friends spend all the money.

Already Bankrupt? They’re not done spending yet.

Although prices-per-night for hotel rooms and suites have gone down in the past few years, you’ll still find yourself paying between $150-$220 per night, depending on the size of the room and how close it is to the action. And lets not forget about food, drinks and transportation costs.

So while you struggle through the extra shifts you picked up at your hometown jobs, keep this in mind. Many of your friends are having great experiences, sure, but they are also paying a lot of money for them. Don’t be surprised if they come back and ask you to pick up the check for a few weeks. They threw their stacks away in Florida. At least you’re coming back with a little pocket change.


You’re actually getting sleep!

Although it’s hard to notice while you’re still on campus, going on breaks reminds you that your sleep schedule is reeeeally messed up. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on sleep this week. Unfortunately, your friends won’t be so lucky.

Airlines tend to lower the prices for the tickets that leave at inconvenient times, so many of your friends may find themselves traveling well into the night and the early morning. Not to mention they won’t be getting much sleep to begin with, and are likely to return as poorly rested as they were when they left. You get to sleep in your own bed, as late as you want to! Congrats! You get all the z’s.


You’re getting real human food!

Now I know you may be saying “But The Rival at SU, my friends probably get to eat better food than I will!” and you’re not wrong. There is something to be said, however, for the taste of a true homecooked meal. And take this into consideration. Exotic locations come with exotic food and exotic beverages. Not everyone’s stomach is accustomed to these exotic delicacies. We won’t spell this out for you, but we will say that the spring break stomach bug is real. And no one is safe. Enough said.


You get to Netflix and actually chill.

Are they going to have time to watch the new season of House of Cards? Noooo.

Are they going to get to binge watch all those news series you’ve been wanting to see? Nooo.

Are you going to have time to smash out both of those things? Yes!

If you’re really still salty about staying home, you can spoil House of Cards when they get back.


You get to see your family and friends!

Unfortunately, not everyone’s schedule is going to match up, and some of your friends won’t be home when you are, but that won’t stop you from seeing those who are! Seeing hometown friends can be a breath of fresh air, and long overdue after two full months away from home. Plus, you get to see your parents, siblings if you have them, and if you have a dog, YOUR DOG! YOU GET TO SEE YOUR DOG! OH MY GOD YOU GET TO SEE YOUR DOG!

So don’t let staying home get you down. You’ve got your friends, your dog, and your stacks of cash to keep you company. Who’s the real winner here? Yeah, it’s you.